I’m Rob, a web developer by day, and occasional landscape photographer from Dorset in the south of England.

I like simple, colourful compositions that try and capture the same feeling I get when I am there taking the shot.

I’ve been taking photos since I was about 15, starting with my Canon film camera. Since then I’ve moved on to Nikon DSLRs and photographed numerous football, rugby and cricket matches, as well as events for the local paper, 10 weddings, the aurora borealis in Iceland, the mountains and fjords of Norway, the rugged landscape of Scotland and the stunning coastlines of Cornwall and my home county of Dorset. 

I’ve dipped my toe into a pretty decent array of photography disciplines, but enjoy shooting landscapes the most. It allows you to visit a wide variety of beautiful places and see it in the very best light, even if that often means waking up at silly times and staying up late into the night in freezing cold conditions!

So that’s me. Thanks for stopping by! If you want to keep up with what I get up to, you can find me on Facebook, follow me on Instagram or follow me on Twitter.